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Creates Talent

Liga Portugal strives every season for the ideals of Credibility, Aggregation, Talent and Spectacle on the organization of its three competitions, sustained by the excellence of the football that is practiced.

It is a talent hub that produces and exports some of the best players in the world, that counts with 36 professional teams.

Liga Portugal is a non-profitable private association governed by the provisions of its Rules and Regulations and other applicable legislation.


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Liga Portugal Betclic

Liga Portugal Betclic represents the highest tier of professional football in Portugal. It has 18 teams that compete with each other for 34 matchdays.

The winner is guaranteed a place in the UEFA Champions League and the second-placed team will play in the 3rd qualifying round. The third and fourth-placed teams qualify for the 2nd and 3rd qualifying rounds of the UEFA Europa Conference League respectively, while the last two teams in the standings drop down to the Liga Portugal SABSEG. The 16th-placed team will play the 3rd-placed team in the Liga Portugal SABSEG in a playoff.

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Liga Portugal SABSEG

Liga Portugal SABSEG is the second ranked professional competition with 34 matchdays and counts with 18 teams, in which two of them are B-Teams.

At the end of the season, the top two teams go up to the Liga Portugal Betclic and the bottom two are relegated from the competition. The B teams are not eligible for promotion, but can be relegated. The third-placed team will play a playoff against the 16th-placed team in the Liga Portugal Betclic in the fight for promotion. The 16th-placed team in the Liga Portugal SABSEG will play the winner of the play-off between the second-placed teams in the north and south series of the Liga 3 qualifying round.

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Allianz CUP

The Allianz CUP is Liga Portugal's most recent professional competition. It is played by clubs participating in the Liga Portugal Betclic and Liga Portugal SABSEG, with the exception of the B teams.

This competition is played over two qualifying rounds and a Group Stage that gives access to the Final Four, the final stage that crowns the winning club as Winter Champions.

Mission, Vision and Values

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Ensure the excellence of the competitions in compliance with the economic and financial sustainability of the institution and its members.

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Establish itself as one of the most important leagues in Europe, being constantly on the path of good international practices, and placing economic and sporting value to the professional football.

The main purposes of Liga Portugal are:

(a) to organise and regulate professional competitions in accordance with the applicable legislation;

(b) to promote the defense of the common interests of its members and the management of matters relating to the organisation and practice of professional football and its competitions;

(c) to execute and perform, in concern of its members, the functions of disciplinary control and supervision established by law, laid down by the Rules and Regulations;

(d) to execute and perform, in concern of the professional football competitions, the competences in terms of organisation, order and discipline, in accordance with the applicable legislation;

(e) to promote training in subjects regarding the organisation, management and integrity of the professional competitions and the organisation of events and relating activities.