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The Allianz CUP Group Stage has been set

Allianz Cup | 23/09/2022

The draw took place this Friday, in the João Aranha Auditorium, in the headquarters of Liga Portugal, in Porto

In the draw that took place this Friday, in the João Aranha Auditorium at the headquarters of Liga Portugal, in Porto, all 34 Sports Societies that compose the professional competitions were present, with the exception only for the "B" teams of FC Porto and SL Benfica.

The winners of the eight groups (six of four teams and two of five) go through to the quarter-finals. The Final Four of the competition will be held in Leiria between the 21st and 28th of January, where the 2022-23 Winter Champions will be crowned.

Here is the complete list of groups:

Group A: FC Porto, FC Vizela, GD Chaves and CD Mafra.

Group B: Sporting CP, Marítimo M., Rio Ave FC and SC Farense.

Group C: SL Benfica, Moreirense FC, FC Penafiel and Estrela da Amadora.

Group D: SC Braga, FC P. Ferreira, Casa Pia AC and CD Trofense.

Group E: Gil Vicente FC, Portimonense, CD Nacional and SC Covilhã.

Group F: Vitória SC, Boavista FC, B SAD and Vilafranquense.

Group G: Santa Clara, FC Arouca, CD Feirense, Leixões SC and UD Oliveirense.

Group H: FC Famalicão, Estoril Praia, CD Tondela, Ac. Viseu and SCU Torreense.


Here is the complete fixture list:

Group A

Matchweek 1: FC Porto – CD Mafra and FC Vizela - GD Chaves

Matchweek 2: GD Chaves – FC Porto and CD Mafra – FC Vizela

Matchweek 3: FC Porto – FC Vizela and GD Chaves – CD Mafra

Group B

Matchweek 1: Sporting CP – SC Farense and Marítimo M – Rio Ave FC

Matchweek 2: Rio Ave F – Sporting CP and SC Farense – Marítimo M

Matchweek 3: Sporting CP – Marítimo M and Rio Ave FC – SC Farense

Group C

Matchweek 1: Estrela Amadora – SL Benfica and FC Penafiel – Moreirense FC

Matchweek 2: SL Benfica – FC Penafiel e Moreirense FC – Estrela Amadora

Matchweek 3: Moreirense FC – SL Benfica e Estrela Amadora – FC Penafiel

Group D

Matchweek 1: SC Braga – CD Trofense e FC P. Ferreira – Casa Pia AC

Matchweek 2: Casa Pia AC – SC Braga and CD Trofense – FC P. Ferreira

Matchweek 3: SC Braga – FC P. Ferreira and Casa Pia AC – CD Trofense

Group E

Matchweek 1: SC Covilhã – Gil Vicente FC and CD Nacional – Portimonense

Matchweek 2: Gil Vicente FC – CD Nacional and Portimonense – SC Covilhã

Matchweek 3: Portimonense – Gil Vicente FC and SC Covilhã – CD Nacional

Group F

Matchweek 1: Vilafranquense – Vitória SC and B SAD – Boavista FC

Matchweek 2: Vitória SC – B SAD and Boavista FC – Vilafranquense

Matchweek 3: Boavista FC – Vitória SC and Vilafranquense – B SAD

Group G

Matchweek 1: FC Arouca – CD Feirense and Leixões SC – UD Oliveirense

Matchweek 2: Leixões SC – Santa Clara and UD Oliveirense – CD Feirense

Matchweek 3: Santa Clara – UD Oliveirense and FC Arouca – Leixões SC

Matchweek 4: CD Feirense – Santa Clara and UD Oliveirense – FC Arouca

Matchweek 5: Santa Clara – FC Arouca and CD Feirense – Leixões SC

Group H

Matchweek 1: CD Tondela – Estoril Praia and SCU Torreense – Ac. Viseu

Matchweek 2: FC Famalicão – AC. Viseu and CD Tondela – SCU Torreense

Matchweek 3: SCU Torreense – FC Famalicão and Ac. Viseu – Estoril Praia

Matchweek 4: FC Famalicão – CD Tondela and Estoril Praia – SCU Torreense .

Matchweek 5: Estoril Praia – FC Famalicão and Ac. Viseu – CD Tondela


Quarter-finals (with date and time to be set)

Game A: Winner of Group C – Winner of Group G

Game B: Winner of Group A – Winner of Group E

Game C: Winner of Group B – Winner of Group D

Game D: Winner of Group H – Winner of Group F



Game 1: Winner of Game A – Winner of Game A

Game 2: Winner of Game B – Winner of Game D



Winner of Game 1 - Winner of Game 2