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We exist to serve professional football

At present, the League organizes three competitions with the participation of 35 clubs and 40 professional teams. Liga NOS aggregates 18 teams.

Until the season of 2011-12, other 16 teams competed in LEDMAN LigaPro. In season 2012-13, the LEDMAN LigaPro League championship was extended to 22 teams with the entry in competition of B Teams. In season 2014-15, the LEDMAN LigaPro  was extended to 24 teams.

On 18 January of 2016, the new competitive model LigaPro (new designation of the Second League) was approved. On 25 January, the Title Sponsor contract was signed with Ledman for this competition.

32 professional clubs have participated, since the 2007-08 season, in Taça CTT (new designation of the League Cup).