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Football with talent.

Liga Portugal upholds the values of Rigor, Talent, Professionalism and Unity as it organizes three large competitions each season, all sustained by football of outstanding quality.

 With 38 professional teams participating, it is a talent platform that projects and exports some of the sport's best players worldwide.

 Liga Portugal is a privately-owned, nonprofit association that is governed by its own Statutes and Regulations in addition to all other applicable legislation.

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Liga NOS

Liga NOS represents the highest level of Portuguese professional football, bringing together 18 teams who compete amongst themselves across 34 game weeks.

The winner earns a guaranteed spot in the UEFA Champions League, and the second-place winner competes in the third qualifying round for access to the multi-million euro competition. The clubs that place third and fourth qualify, respectively, for the second and third qualifying rounds of the UEFA Europe League, while the two teams rounding out the bottom of the list drop down to the LEDMAN LigaPro championship.

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LEDMAN LigaPro, the second-ranked professional competition, has 38 game weeks and is composed of 18 teams, four of which are “B” teams.

At the end of the season, the two top-ranking teams move up to Liga NOS and the last three leave professional-level competition altogether. “B” teams are not allowed to move into the highest division, but they can be demoted.

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Allianz CUP

Allianz CUP is Liga Portugal's most recent professional competition. It comprises the 32 sporting clubs of Liga NOS and LEDMAN LigaPro, excluding the “B” teams.

This competition is disputed in two qualifiers and one Group Stage giving access to the Final Four, the last stage, which confers the title of Winter Champion to the winning club.

Presidente da Liga

Pedro Proença de Oliveira Alves Garcia

Mesa Assembleia Geral 

Presidente: Fernando Mário Garcez Borges Costa  
Vice-Presidente: Alberto Fernando da Silva Santos  
Secretário: Rui Pedro Neves da Costa Azevedo

Conselho Fiscal

Presidente: Carlos de Jesus Pinto de Carvalho
Fernando José Oliveira
Vogal: António Gerardo Pinheiro de Oliveira
Vogal: Paulo Fernando Pimenta Machado
Vogal: Filipe Pato Veiga de Oliveira

Conselho Jurisdicional

Presidente: Américo Joaquim Pires Esteves 
Vogal: Paulo Rafael Falcão Moreira Lopes 
Vogal: João Orlando Vieira de Carvalho
Vogal: Brito António Rodrigues Salvador 
Vogal: Gonçalo de Almeida Correia da Silva
Vogal: Miguel Ângelo Machado Mendes
Vogal: José Paulo Fardilha Gomes da Silva
Vogal: Paulo Sérgio Sousa e Santos Moreira Fernandes
Vogal: João Manuel do Nascimento Faria Gayo
Vogal: Maria João Ramos Monteiro Soares Ribeiro
Suplente: Francisco Sá Carneiro
Suplente: Pedro Miguel Neves de Sousa