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The first high-tech match ball in the world will be introduced in Portuguese Professional Football

Liga Portugal Bwin | 20/05/2022
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The iBall measures over 300 different metrics and it sets the benchmark for innovation and technology in the sport. This innovative project will be introduced for the first time in the playoff games of the Liga Portugal bwin

The latest technological innovation in football has come to the Portuguese Professional Football pitches! For the first time ever in the world of football, a fully technological match ball containing a chip that measures over 300 different metrics and statistics, called the iBall, will be used in a football game.

This project arises from a partnership with Kinexon, the brand that developed the technology, and Sausport, its distributor in Portugal.

Thanks to the iBall, a ball approved and certified by FIFA, that will be used in the playoff games between GD Chaves and Moreirense FC, who will fight for a spot in the Liga Portugal bwin, will allow clubs and fans to have real-time access to new data on the performance of players and teams. By placing a chip inside the ball, this technology complements the existing technology of GPS sports vests and makes available all information involving the tracking of the football.

This technology will provide the coaching teams with over 300 different metrics for analysis, including the following: Passing speed and distance; Shot speed and distance; Team and individual player ball possession time; Verticality; Individual and team success rate of each type of pass (long and/or short); Ball possession per zone of the pitch; trajectory analysis of a football when a goal is scored; Shooting precision; The time each player takes to receive and return the ball; Accurate measurement of useful playing time.

It should be noted that some of the data collected will also be made available to fans via television broadcasts and Liga Portugal's social media.