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A step forward

Liga Portugal | 27/01/2021
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Liga Portugal (LP) and the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) signed this Tuesday a memorandum of understanding - approved at the Board meetings of both bodies - on the management of the centralised negotiation process for television rights to professional competitions.

LP and FPF have decided to set up a partnership - which will be established in the coming months - with the sole purpose of managing this process.

LP and FPF consider that centralised management of TV rights is a core tool for an accelerated development of professional football in Portugal.

The work that has been determined will, of course, have the permanent involvement of the sports societies participating in the competitions.

LP and FPF believe that by 2027/2028 this transition will be complete.

The two institutions agree to maintain regular information on the progress of a process that is intended to be transparent, professional and successful.


Pedro Proença, president of the LP, with regard to the agreement, says:

"The signing of this memorandum of understanding is a decisive step in the path of growth and sustainability of Portuguese football and proof of the strategic alignment between the Liga Portugal and the Portuguese Football Federation in relation to the ways in which audiovisual rights are marketed in Portugal".

Fernando Gomes, president of the FPF, stated on this memorandum of understanding:

"We are very pleased to formalise with the Liga Portugal an agreement to conclude the centralisation of television rights by the 2027/28 season. The sustainability and development of national football as a whole are closely linked to this negotiation. It seems to us that this is a sign of the FPF and the Liga's willingness to complete this process and to work together in order to present better solutions for national football".